My daughter had a pet rat. Yes RAT! She had Roo-Roo for 2 years and just adored him. One day we found Roo-Roo lying lethargically in his cage. We rushed him over to Belmont Pet Hospital and they rushed Roo-Roo in, but unfortunately he did not make it. My daughter was devastated. The doctor consoled her and was very compassionate. The office staff were all wonderful. They even sent my daughter a sympathy card.

Therese P

I have worked for this hospital for about 6 years before moving to be a teacher but this hospital give the best care they also do grooming and boarding with lots of people using this hospital they work hard on getting you in to see the doctor as fast as they can.

Tammy J

BPH is the best pet boarding facility I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve been bringing my three dogs and cat here for boarding over the last 7 years. This is the *only* place I trust to watch my animals while I have to be away for a few days, or extended trips. The staff has almost no turnover! They know my dogs’ names just by sight, even when I haven’t had them boarded for many months. My dogs always try to haul ass down the hallway to the kennels when I turn over their leashes to the staff. It’s really insane … that doesn’t happen anywhere else! The kennels and runs are clean and secure. The people are great to me and to my pets. They even let me know when my pets’ shots are due, and can take care of administering shots while they’re boarded. And if there’s ever a problem (which was always a concern for my eldest dog), they’re a vet, they can take care of it. 5 stars for the staff, service, cleanliness, and safety!

Chris W

I have used Belmont Pet Hospital since I’ve been in the Bay area (8 years). They provided excellent care for my aging dog through all his numerous geriatric problems toward the end of his long life. I now have a new pup and they have been great keeping him healty and providing excellent care when we’ve boarded him there. They also specialize in exotic pets.

Rick H

I took my rat here and saw Ava Ackerman. She was incredible! I highly recommend her, and I have had rats for more than half my life. She listens, she really takes the time to diagnose and to think through possible treatments, and she does not rush. The animal truly is her priority. She also is holistic in her treatment, and by that I mean that she considers the animal’s environment, not just its cage but also the home itself, including humidity, temperature, etc.

Jennifer F

Great service. Friendly staff. Smart Vets. Compassionate, caring office who doesn’t make you feel like a lousy pet owner because your Golden has ANOTHER ear ache. They actually care for the animals and don’t expect that you have nothing else in the world to live for except your dog. Now don’t get me wrong. I love, love my doggies, but I will admit to taking care of husband and child before the furry kids. Belmont Pet Hospital also has board and care facilities for previously established patients. And should the end come for your best friend, I can speak from two experiences that they handled us with care and concern, and let me cry in the room to say good bye. They also handled all of the cremation and made available to me the remains in a beautiful cedar box. Great service from beginning to end. Truly. They are also specialists in exotics… like birds and lemurs 🙂

Jennifer M