We regret to announce that we are no longer taking new avian clients. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Two exotic birds


Just like cats and dogs, your exotic pet needs ongoing veterinary care to maintain optimal health. Belmont Pet Hospital has the expertise to treat your bird, reptile, amphibian and small mammal such as hamsters, mice, rats and gerbils. Your unusual pet deserves specialized, knowledgeable care from our experienced exotic pet veterinarians.

We Want to Meet Your
New Exotic Pet

Have you recently acquired a new bird, reptile or other exotic pet? We recommend having one of our highly skilled veterinarians examine your new exotic pet to make sure they’re on the road to good health. We understand the different medical care needs of exotic pets and are fully equipped and trained to handle those.

Wellness Exams

Are Important For Your Exotic Pets, Too!
Annual wellness exams aren’t just for cats and dogs. Exotic pets, from birds to reptiles to small mammals and beyond, should be seen annually for wellness exams. In fact, annual exams a vital part of your exotic pet’s health – many species of exotic pets are masters at hiding their illnesses. An annual exam is a chance for us to check in on your pet’s health, monitor any changes and talk about any recommended vaccinations, depending on the type of pet. For you, it’s a chance get all your questions answered by our skilled veterinarians. Have questions about your exotic pet’s nutrition or behavior? This is the perfect time to ask and get the answers you need.

Veterinary Services

For Exotic Pets Include:
  • Annual wellness examinations
  • Diagnostic testing
  • DNA sexing
  • Surgery
  • Ultrasound
  • Radiology
  • Dental care
  • Counseling on nutrition
  • Counseling on behavior
  • Counseling on general care
  • Bird wing-clipping, beak trimming and nail trimming
  • Specialized equipment for surgical and medical procedures on exotic species
  • Medications tailored to your exotic pet’s needs
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